Hair is an investment!!

Posted by Keenya Noble on

Have you ever looked at someone and thought :"wow, what great hair"??  Whether growing from your scalp or attached through sew ins , clips or tape ins, we can all agree that great hair comes with a price.  Whats that saying?? "You gotta pay to play" and that's exactly right.  When you see a person with a beautiful crown of fabulous extensions, trust and believe they were not cheap.  Don't be fooled by hair companies that promise beautiful long lasting bundles complete with closures all for $69.99. You must understand that sourcing hair in itself is tedious and expensive so be weary of prices that seem fishy.  Quality hair is natural human hair that is sourced from donors.  Many people find that their bundles contain materials other than human hair so be careful when purchasing hair.  Luxury hair doesn't have to cost a fortune but it also shouldn't be dirt cheap.  Good quality hair can lasts years with proper maintenance and care!!


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