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If you are not familiar with Chebe, you should get familiar.  I found out about Chebe about 2 years and saw a market for it in the U.S.  I did alot of research on the product as well as the suppliers.  The product is from Chad in Africa.  It is comprised of natural herbs and minerals. I found out that the women of Chad have floor length hair and have been using Chebe for decades.  Chebe helps the hair to retain moisture which in turn, retains length.  This results is longer thicker hair. I decided to add this product my natural hair care line and it is one of my best selling products.

I'm so busy that I never actually pay attention to my hair results or have a steady regimen.  I decided to really pay attention to my hair and the results I was getting from Chebe.  On September 17, 2019, I twisted my hair with Chebe butter and left the twists in for two months.  In the 2 months, I applied the Chebe butter every 3 days and also spritzed it with Bushy Combs Aloe Vera Spritzer.  I was going to do this challenge for 6 months but I change my hairstyles too often and just couldn't rock twists that long. So after the 2 months, I removed my twists.  What I noticed was:

1. My hair had almost no shedding

2. My hair was still soft and moisturized

3. I had about 2 inches of growth

4.  My hair seemed to be thicker with more volume

The key to retaining length is to keep hair moisturized and hydrated.  It is also important to not over manipulate hair.  I found that finger de-tangling and patience is very important in maintaining length.

Overall, I love what Chebe Butter does for my and my daughters hair.  Her hair is very dry but the Chebe Butter keeps it soft and shiny.  If you have tried Chebe Powder or any Chebe products, please let us know your results and your thoughts on Chebe.

It is also newsworthy to note that through the introduction of Chebe to the U.S market, Bushy Combs, along with several other distributors have created jobs for women on Chad, improving their economy and strengthening communities.  If you have or will purchase any Chebe products, we appreciate you and thank you for the support.


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