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Let me start by saying.....People need to stop using religion to be the people they are NOT! with this being said:


There is a video going around (yall know the one).. allegedly it was leaked by a member of the church choir who was promised the lead but ended up not being given the lead.  If this is true, it proves my point mentioned above.  People tend to use religion to mask who they really are.  A lot of people believe that by going to church that they are good people.  Would a good "Christian" person sleep with a married man and then expose him?  Would a good "Christian" husband allow himself to put be put in this situation? People use religion to mask who they really are.  I'm not saying the Pastor is a bad man, he just made a mistake.  After all he is human.  The point I'm trying to make is people are going to be people no matter what religion they believe.  Their natural human instincts will make them do things that they want to do.


Many Christians are leaving the religion for reasons like this.  I am always bombarded by a person holding a Bible, asking if I want to read a scripture with them.  I politely decline and am almost always hit with animosity.  You see, I am not going to let someone hand pick a scripture for me, while they haven't read the Bible in it's entirety or actually live by it.  How can you recruit someone into something you don't even fully follow?  And let's face it, most have not read it in it's entirety (if so, please explain certain scriptures ie, Deuteronomy, which has some very scary scriptures but that's another post) Furthermore, how can you allow a man to lead you who definitely doesn't live by the word. He is man and what was done to him was despicable, nonetheless.  He is a human being and maybe what he did what something he enjoys doing.  Does that make him a bad person? Nope. He is a man who was caught up in a bad situation.  We have all seen situations where Pastor's have done way worse, yet the congregation is in full attendance on Sunday.  Why is this?  Because they rely on him to lead them and give them "the word"


From child molestation to sexual assaults, we have seen some Pastor's accused and convicted of these horrific crimes.  Why?  Because he is human and if these are demons he has with him, no amount of religion is going to stop him from committing acts that give him urges, whether good or bad.  This article is not to bash religion or church.  I don't go but to each his own.  It is to let people know that just because you attend church and carry a Bible, doesn't make you a good person.  People use religion to mask their demons and give a false image that they are "good Christians", the ones that are actually not living by the word, passing judgement on you for not believing in what THEY believe because THEY believe it. But do you really believe in it if you aren't living by it?  Let's be real here, if you believed in Buddhism, would you be telling me I should believe in the Catholic Church?  I think not! Why?  Because you don't believe in the Catholic Church. So basically when you present your Bibles, you are saying you should believe in this because I believe and there is absolutely no other reason why.  Remember there are many different religions with different beliefs, so what makes your religion correct over all others?  Ask yourself that! So before the next time you try to recruit someone to your religion, ask yourself  "What makes my religion correct over all others?" and "Do I live by what's in this book, for real?" Stop being so judgemental. Learn to respect one another and spread positive energy.  Be good to one another.  The act of exposing this man like this was beyond despicable, regardless of what he did. Allegedly a church sister exposed him. Smh...Y'all have a good one!! 


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