You get what you pay for.. STOP wasting money!!!

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STOP WASTING MONEY BUYING CHEAP HAIR AND WIGS.  THOSE CHEAP PRICES YOU SEE..well you get what you pay for..then you are of out your $$$ and still have to purchase more hair. 

Good Hair is an investment and quality hair can last for years with proper care.  This will save you tons of money. Those $15 you bundles you and believe you will be wasting your money. Good bundles cost money and if they are too cheap, how can a company make a profit?  Simple, they purchase very low quality hair (synthetic in most cases) which they are able to sell cheaper. Bypass the urge to purchase hair with prices that seem too good to be true.  You should be paying up to $100 per bundle (in some cases more) for good quality hair. Think about it, people who sell products are in it to make a profit.  When you go to Amazon and Ebay and see these great hair deals, keep this in mind.  You see a deal for 3 bundles for $60, thats $20 a bundle...add in seller fees which are up to 12% on some platforms.  Do you really think a company selling quality hair is going to only want to profit 5 or $10 on a bundle.  The sourcing of quality hair alone is expensive. 

Cheap hair won't last long and you will be replacing the hair often. I have installed the hair from She She Luxury Hair twice and am about to do my third install. Now I am not saying buy hair from me (if you want to, that's good too!) I am just informing you to be weary of these dirt cheap hair prices that almost seem ridiculous.  We have vetted our hair suppliers to make sure we provide exceptional quality hair and wigs.  This takes time and resources.  When you see a company with hair that you may find to be expensive, remember it is an investment.  The company most likely has a quality vendor with quality hair.  Good brands take the time to sample and test their hair.  They also source hair from temples, which means you are getting, raw unprocessed hair. Be vigilante and alert because ALOT of these China suppliers take your money, send you trash, then give you the runaround about your refund. Where the hell China getting all this Malaysian, Brazilian, etc etc.. SEE?? And the hair should not have a stink smell..indication of processing and chemicals being used.  Also indication that hair may not be raw or 100% human hair. Be safe out there!!! 

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